Zombie Mode…

Last weekend was pretty crazy for me – too much going out – I definitely need a detox! I should have really been drinking smoothies all week! We’ve literally just been eating and drinking for 3 days straight and it’s got my skin looking dull and messy as well.. maybe it’s time for another mask. On Thursday my lovely friend and her boyfriend came down to stay with us. They met me after work and we went out to eat in Richmond. It was really nice to have dinner by the river and just catch up. When we got home we made a couple of cocktails and talked for ages and ages. The next day we were up bright and early to start the day in London – even though we went to sleep late I made sure everyone was up because I hate wasting precious time! We went to Dishoom for lunch and headed to Canary Wharf for a few bars. We actually planned out a route because we didn’t want to spend ages travelling. We also visited The Botanist (where we had our wedding reception – we always love reliving the memories from that night) and also The Alchemist. This has got to be my favourite bar! It was really nice for drinks outside, on the comfy chairs under the canopy. They had really cool concoctions which were obviously just for show and as a gimmick but it was still really nice! We got home at 3am and I had to be up for work at 6am 😫 yeah that was fun! After work we went to my cousins wedding reception and then met back up with my friends who was staying over. They’re amazing at making cocktails so they showed us how to make a few more. A couple of other friends joined us and we ended up dancing all night to Prabhu Deva songs – copying him from the TV was the hard part but oh so fun! We all fell asleep at like 7 in the morning when our bodies could no longer take it!

Here are some photos from the weekend ☺️

Hope you liked this post! Kavi xxx

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