The Bank Holiday Weekend

Last weekend was super busy; a Hindu wedding, Christian wedding and a reception all in one weekend and for the same couple! My favourite part was probably the reception, which was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Heathrow. They had a really nice reception before we actually went into the venue when they served drinks and yummy canapΓ©s outside, near the pool (obviously anything to do with food is a plus for me!). Honestly though, the food was really good and this is coming from a vegetarian who didn’t eat any mutton rolls or the salmon curry they had (they all looked so good!). I think all I talk about in my blogs is food and cake so I’ll stop now πŸ™ˆ.

On Monday, some of our friends came over to watch the season final of Game of Thrones which was nice too – even though I spent it cooking and washing up! It was worth it because we took our dining table out into the garden and had brunch there in the sun while talking and sipping on mimosas. It was a great way to end the bank holiday weekend!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Kavi xxx

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