Karthi’s birthday 🎁

It was my friend Karthi's birthday last week and Jennany and I wanted to surprise her; our yearly tradition. We like to take Karthi out a day after her birthday. Yes, she's spoiled! So this year we took her to Madison (a restaurant in St Paul's) and a butterfly exhibition (she has this butterfly craze that won't seem to go away!). We had brunch at Madison and the food and cocktails were really good! I had a halloumi wrap with truffle chips (so yum!) and a cocktail called 'spicy mistress'!. When we went to the butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum, Karthi went a bit crazy (you would know if you follow me on snapchat haha) and she ran around oohing and aahing. It was really beautiful and the butterflies were stunning and so interesting to learn about. Did you know that butterflies like to eat rotten fruit? 🤔

Here are some photos from the weekend πŸ™‚










Thank you for reading! Kavi xxx

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