Alluring Venice 🇮🇹

My best friend, Karthi took me and our other friend, Jennany to Venice as a treat for our birthdays since mine is in April and Jenna’s is in May. I am so so blessed to have such a wonderful friend and will forever love her for this! ❤️ I guess Venice has been on the list of places to see for a while, and was definitely one of the most beautiful places I’ve seen. I totally loveeee Italy and it is doubtlessly the country I would move to if I had the opportunity to live abroad. Which country would you move to, given the chance?

When we arrived in Venice, it was pouring down with rain (which we expected since we checked the forecast every day for the last two weeks). But to be honest, I preferred the rain because I find the rain so romantic on a normal day…so imagine in Venice! I didn’t have an umbrella which was the best way to appreciate it! The rain falling into the canals was so picturesque and I felt that I could just stand there and watch it for hours!

We did the usual Venetian things such as going on gondola rides, eating tonnes of pizza and pasta and of course, walking around the canals in an attempt to burn off all the excessive food. We also took a boat out to Burano and Murano to explore those little islands and see the colourful houses they’re famous for!

Anyway, here are some photos from our weekend away 🙂 

Thank you for reading! Kavi xxx

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