Date Night๏ปฟ

Sanjay’s had exams for a while and we haven’t really had the chance to go out together for ages so as soon as he was done, we made plans to do something fun. As part of my birthday present from Sanjay, he wanted to take me to Aladdin, the musical and had booked it for last Saturday. So we decided to make a night of it and got dinner and drinks before the theatre. We’d been wanting to try out Hoppers London for a while, simply because it was Sri Lankan! It’s so cool to see all kinds of people digging into curries and rotis with their hands! The kothu rotti was nice, and different to what we normally eat. They had really nice masks on the walls and even magazine covers from Sri Lanka. It really gave the restaurant a nice vibe. It was super packed though, so we had to wait 45 mins for a table but we went and got drinks at a different place while we were waiting. 

Aladdin itself was amazing! It’s my favourite film ever and it was so nice to see a different version of it (I think I’ve killed the movie by watching it so much!). The dances were astounding and I really appreciated all the formations and the effort the performers must have gone to to achieve the perfection I saw. My favourite character was the Genie and also Iago. Honestly, as soon as the genie came on stage, he took over and won the audiences heart! All I could hear was Sanjay laughing along to the Genies jokes – he loved it too! I don’t want to ruin it for you, if you haven’t already seen it, but when the song ‘a whole new world‘ came on… it was magical! You definitely have to go and watch it! 

Thank you for reading! Kavi xxx

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