I don’t know about you, but I’m someone who absolutely loveeees birthdays and has a monthly countdown to it! Honestly, I don’t think I will ever get tired of them! I love taking my friends out on their birthdays and planning things too. My birthday was last week and we decided to just go out on Saturday night and then go dinner and a movie on Sunday. The original plan was for me and Sanjay to go away to Florida or Jamaica together because it’s deffo on the list! But I felt that I would rather just stay here and spend my birthday with my friends and family 🙂 

Oh and my super sweet Sanjay went all the way to L’orchee in Westfield to get me this gorgeous cake. It was so yummy…especially the macaroon! 

We went to see Kaatru Veliyidai the next day which I was soooo excited for. I had been listing to the soundtrack a month before the actual film came out which built up the hype. I guess there are mixed reviews about this film but I for one actually quite liked it! I love how Mani Ratnam portrays his female characters as being strong and independent. And I suppose the storyline is pretty average but I think it’s great to have something that people can actually relate to rather than massive fight scenes and ghetto dialogues (you can see me rolling my eyes at this point). Clearly I’m not a VIJAY fan! Anyway I thought it was filmed beautifully and that you should see it at least for the camera work and songs if not the actually story line. Yessss, it can be a little controversial but .. that’s Mani Ratnam for you! Can I just take a minute to say how beauuutiful Aditi Rao looked?! If you haven’t already, go see it for her! Okay I’ll stop now…

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you had a lovely weekend too 🙂 Kavi xxxx

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