Last Saturday 🌺

The sun is finally out in London so me and my friends thought that this was the perfect opportunity for a day out. Even though it was only about 18 degrees we insisted on wearing sandals and dresses! We’ve been waiting for the summer for what feels like ages. We wanted to have a girly day out to plan a few things that we have to look forward to in the summer and guess what… we never actually got most of it done! We ended up chatting and catching up instead πŸ™‚ would you believe that I hadn’t seen my best friend in over a month because she lives far from me!? We message each other every single day though so it doesn’t feel as long. Thank god for technology πŸ™‚

We walked around Covent Garden and we really wanted to go to Dishoom but the wait for a table was one and a half hours! We decided that our stomachs really couldn’t bare it so we went to a lovely Thai place instead. We had yummy, summery cocktails πŸ™‚

Here are a few pictures from our day out… it’s always nice to get dressed up and go out just because you feel like it! I’m so glad I have lotssss of friends who are similar to me and love doing so as well! This doesn’t mean that we don’t like lazing around with no makeup on though, haha. I also love the fact that the clocks have gone forward because of all the extra sunlight! I hope you’re all having a good start to the month too πŸ™‚                

Thank you for reading! Kavi xxx

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