For Sanjay’s birthday last week we decided on going to Wales for a long weekend. He’s always wanted to go to The Brecon Beacons which is a national park in South Wales and this was the perfect opportunity. We found a nice little cottage a few months ago and booked it straight away. It was also dog-friendly which was one of our main concerns because we had to take Ashoka of course!

The cottage was so cosy and had a fireplace too which we lit up every night and watched movies in front of. There was no wifi or mobile signal which was great because everyone can use some time away from social media, right!


Our greatest challenges were the hikes we went on. One was to the top of Mount Pen y Fan which took a couple of hours and a lot of strain on our muscles! It was freezing and very windy at the top so we returned shortly. Ashoka loved the snow and rolled around in it :).

The next day we tried the Four Waterfalls Walk which is basically a walk alongside a river that takes you to four waterfalls along the way. It was absolutely stunning – even in the rain! We loved this walk and enjoyed it a lot even though we were soaked, frozen and tired. Ashoka was a little tricky to control because she kept trying to jump in the river as she loves swimming so much! She nearly dragged me into the river when she first saw it because she was so excited! I had to keep her on her leash because the current was quite strong and the water was also deep.

Every night we cooked, had some wine and watched dvds that were provided by the cottage owners. It was so relaxing to unwind like this after all that exercise!


Thank you for reading! Kavi xxx

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