Hey guys ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are a few things I’ve been doing this week to wind down after work.

My nails are so damaged from when I got shellac done in the summer and are still recovering at the moment. I like to keep them painted so that you can’t see the marks and chips. I’ve just found this awesome metallic nail varnish from BarryM that is super Christmassy and makes me feel so festive!


I love my warm drinks to come home to after a chilly journey home and mulled wine is one of them. Sanj made a really nice one with what he called his ‘secret ingredient’ and won’t tell me what it is! I’m pretty sure it’s just cinnamon…


Since Sanjay gets home before me, he’s been treating me to yummy dinners lately! This time he made an amazing red Thai curry that I loveeeed. He paired it with brown rice so it tasted like it was from Wagamamas!


This is my favourite candle at the moment. I basically love anything cinnamon so my best friend did well when she got me this!


Thanks for reading, guys! Kavi xxx

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