I had heard so much about this jewel in the south of Italy and was so eager to visit it. We hired a car from Avis before we left so that we could travel from Naples (the nearest airport to Positano) to our hotel quickly and easily. However, you have no idea how difficult it was to drive in Naples! It was like I was living a nightmare. While I was driving, the Sat-Nav told me to take tiny alley ways and to take a right into a market! Clearly you can set up markets in the middle of a road in Naples! It took me 10 minutes to reverse out of the alley way and back onto the main road whilst trying not to bash into any motorbikes and pedestrians (who were walking around in the middle of the road without a care in the world). It was a great experience though and I really wouldn’t take it back. When we got out of the city, the drive was a lot better and my next problem was the crazy bends along the coast. Since the gear box was on the right hand side, it was tricky for me to change gears quickly before the bends. The drive was amaaazing though and I really enjoyed it.

Here are a few photos from our trip πŸ™‚



Visit to Sorrento (about an hour and a half away)

We went on a hike from Positano to Bomerano which was about 9km. This would usually take about 3 hours, but it took us an hour just to climb to the starting point of the hike. This was 1500 steps! We had to pause to catch our breath so many times. The hike was so beautiful and refreshing, compared to London. We started off at 6am so we were the only people on the trail which was so serene (although you could hear my huffing and puffing since I’m so unfit!).

We met this lovely little dog who followed us from the start of the trail. He was so cute because he would go ahead and pause for us to catch up if we were taking photos. I named him Puppito and we were so sad to leave him!

On the way back our legs were trembling but we had to go back down the 1500 steps to get back to Positano! Check above for the time lapse of our way down.



Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed it! Kavi xxx


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