Amsterdam Part Two!


On the second day, whilst having a delicious brunch, Melanie and I planned out what we would be doing that day. This cafe was recommended to us by our Lonely Planets Guide, everyone loved their food and there were no sneaky bits of meat in the vegetarian dishes!

We visited the South Canal where there were lots of flower and souvenir shops/stands. I found a little Amsterdam bauble for mine and Sanjays first Christmas tree so I’m super excited to put it up! We walked to the Rotherheim museum where the I Am Amsterdam sign is and took a couple of pictures. We really wanted to visit Anne Franks House but since we didn’t book ahead, we couldn’t get in as the line was really long! I was really gutted about that.

Since it was Halloween that night, we all got dressed up and went out. Yes, we were some of very few people dressed up but who cares!? Luxsha wanted to do a superhero/villain theme so we dressed up as Superwoman, Superminion, Two Batwomen (yes, we failed to coordinate our costumes…oops!) and best of all… Harley Quinn! I love doing gory makeup so I may have gone a bit overboard with it this time…

 On the final day, we woke up super early, packed everything up, left out suitcases in the cloakroom (as we had to check out by 10.30) and went to my favourite cafe everrrr. This one is called CT Coffee and Coconuts and it was very different to the other cafes. They had three floors and on the top floor you could sit on a raised floor which had a short table and bean bags to sit on! It was so comfy that Luxsha managed to fall asleep. Aharabie ordered the Sunny Sunday for dessert and after looking at her food, we all decided that we needed it in our lives too. It had strawberries, cream and salted caramel – yum!

 After walking around some more, we went to VondelPark which, I guess is Amsterdams version of Hyde Park. By this time, we were absolutely knackered after walking around for 3 days!

 Hope you enjoyed reading about Amsterdam :). Make sure you stay tuned for more posts! Kavi xxx

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