Amsterdam Part One!

We were supposed to go Amsterdam last year for my friend (Luxshas) 25th birthday but because a few of us had passport problems, we went to Southampton instead. So this year, we thought let’s just go! There was an EasyJet deal a few months ago which was perfect for us to land cheap tickets. Everyone had been stressed with exams, work and moving so this was a perfect getaway for us all!

We left on a Saturday afternoon, after everyone had finished work (I expected to be knackered but we were too excited) and got there around 10pm. Our room in the hotel was super crazy to get to – being on the third floor and having really steep steps, it was hard to get our suitcases up the stairs but somehow, we managed it. Of course, being girls, we had suitcases and giant bags to put all our ‘necessities’ in. We got changed (which took some of us two hours) and left to explore the nightlife – lucky everything was open until 4am!

Luckily, the time went back an hour which gave us an extra hour of sleep! We woke up at 8am to start getting ready as there was only one bathroom between the five of us (we had the same issue where one of us took 2 hours to apply their makeup cough*Luxsha*cough) and left the hotel by 10 – finally! We spent most of this day just walking around Amsterdam and didn’t have any specific plans. We loved taking photos of the beautiful canals and spent most of our time trying not to get run over by cyclists as they were everywhere! We also kept looking to our right before crossing as we weren’t used to the change in driving side.

We had lunch at a lovely restaurant called Burger Fabriek. Karthi ordered a vegetarian burger (same as me and Luxsha) and found a piece of bacon in her salad! Because she doesn’t eat bacon, she was pretty grossed out and didn’t finish her meal. Of course, they apologised and didn’t charge us for her meal but it was still not a nice experience. We walked around in a giant circle and ended up in a shopping centre where we found some lovely shops. There was a shop dedicated to the prevention of elephant extinction which we loved! There were beautiful handmade little elephants in different colours and styles.

I fell in love with a metallic lipstick from BellaPierre cosmetics and didn’t buy because it was too expensive so my friend Karthi surprised me by buying it for me! Of course I proceeded to wear it when we went out that night!


I hope you enjoy the photos and thank you for reading. Make sure you stay tuned for part two! Kavi xxx

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