Birthday Date With Luxsha

Luxsha and I have a little tradition of going to a theatre and meal together for our birthdays. This year we really wanted to see Aladdin (my all time favourite Disney movie!) but there weren’t many good seats left so we decided to watch Wicked instead. I wasn’t sure about this one because it’s a musical and I’m not a huge fan.

The night before her birthday, someΒ of my friends came over to our flat and we chilled, had nandos and at midnight we surprised Luxsha with a cake. I ordered a cake from myΒ favouriteee baker, Sarah. She’s made me so many cakes over the years and even a registration cake for me and Sanjay for our civil ceremony!

We went to a restaurant called The Gate in Hammersmith which only served vegetarian cuisine. This worked out well for us because we are both vegetarians and are always looking to try new veggie food! The food was so yummy! We absolutely loved the simplicity of the restaurant and the wide range of options that were available to us. The best part of lunch was the Halloumi in Indian Spices!

After lunch, we found that we had some time to kill before the show started so we went to visit the Natural History Museum (yes we are that cool). But it was so interesting and we loved walking around until our feet felt like they were going to fall off! We especially loved the dinosaurs and the birds section!

Our seats for Wicked were really good – we could see the whole stage really well and it was quite close too. We actually ended upΒ lovingΒ it! It was so magical and it felt like we were part of it. Some of the songs were quite long but we were still drawn into it because of the actors’ expressions and the way they danced. I loved the routines and the energy the actors had – it was amazing! Everyone in the audience always ended up clapping after particularly entrancing solos.Β It is definitely a must watch!



Thanks for reading! Kavi xxx


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