Let’s talk books…

I’ve always loved reading and my mum still tells me how I used to hide under a table with a book in order to avoid bath time! I had a bit of a break during high school when I was ‘too cool’ for books but now I’d rather read a good old book than magazines.

I usually buy my books from Waterstones or WHSmith when they have sales on – buy one get one half price. I’m definitely not the kind of person to read on a Kindle because I love collecting books! But I do love listening to audiobooks on Audible. They’ve proven to be so useful in the years I was commuting to university from home and would have to travel an hour and a half every morning and evening. Listening to music would eventually get boring, so I loved having the option to ‘read’ on the go. Lucky I’m a woman and can multitask :). I even managed to get my friends and husband into it. When we went on a road trip to Blackpool, we listened to an audiobook and Sanjay actually loved it so much that he started listening to it more than me! If you guys are interested, the first book you download is free so why don’t you get started now?!

My favourite genre is crime. I started off reading/listening toΒ The Cormoran Strike series by Robert Galbraith, simply because the author was actually JK Rowling writing under a different name. I became hooked and now I’ve finished the whole series. To be honest, I loved the first and third book but not so much the second. It’s simply about a private detective who solves murders. There should be more coming out soon so I’m looking forward to that!

Another favourite author of mine is Robert Bryndza. He is the creator of the Erika Foster series which is about a female DCI who solves crimes. I love DCI Foster’s character in the books and find her to be empowering and strong. I’ve read two out of three of the books and will be reading the third one soon.

Now here’s a series which isn’t crime but is under the genre of romance/thriller. Delerium by Lauren OliverΒ is not my usual read but somehow I was drawn to it. Β There are 3 books in the series so far. The story line is totally different and I’m sure you’ll be as intrigued as I was. This story takes place in a world where love is a disease and there are medications which prevent you from getting it. So what happens when you do fall in love? I’ll leave you to find out!

Thanks for reading, Kavi xxx

One thought on “Let’s talk books…

  1. Reading is awesome — Something I have not done recently. I mostly read magazines and short articles. But need to pick the habit back up.
    However Tamil books — I can read anytime.


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