Autumn Wonderings…

Sanjay and I love doing creative things and experimenting. So on an empty Sunday, we decided to do so, instead of sitting at home and watching The Big Bang Theory (which was so hard to resist!). We went to Oaks Park, which is one of our favourite parks to take my dog (Ashoka) to. The leaves had fallen on the grass and it was so beautiful to walk around whilst drinking hot chocolate from the cafe (albeit in a saree!). I wanted to try something different so I dug out this flower print saree and crop top that I thought would complement the leaves. I also tried a different makeup look, just to switch things up. I do love wearing smokey eyes paired with a dark lipstick for a grungy look.Β  These are just a couple of the photos we took – hope you like them. Please feel free to leave comments in the box below, I would love to know what you think.

All photos used are taken by my husband, Sanjay Ravi.

Thanks for reading!Β Kavi xxx

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