Harry Potter And The Cursed Child!!!

My amazing husband got me tickets last year to go to the play a few weeks ago and I was OVER THE MOON! Having been a hardcore Harry Potter fan since the age of 10, I was thrilled at this opportunity. 

Now, the actual book/script for the play came out a few weeks prior to us going to see the play and I purchased it straight away. After having read a few pages and not liking the sudden change from a novel to script, I decided to not read the script and instead watch the play.

I’m so glad I didn’t read it because otherwise it would have totally spoiled the play for me! I advise you all to wait to see the play instead of reading the book. I have no words to say how amazing it is and how creative the directors have been! I won’t tell you too much because I don’t want to spoil it for you. 

So in the morning we decided to dress up for the occasion and make a day of it. We went to Aubaine in Liverpool Street for some brunch to start with. I had the Superfood Salad and Sanjay, my husband had the Tuna. I normally don’t have salad at restaurants because … who does?! But this salad was irresistible because of the halloumi! 

Next, we went to see part one of the play. We made sure to get there on time in order to grab a bag of malteasers before it started – I can never watch a movie or play without snacks! 

When part one had finished, we wanted to get some early dinner but thought we’d visit House Of MinaLima first. This is a sort of exhibition, showcasing a lot of graphic Harry Potter related art. I’m so glad we went because it was lovely seeing all the different pieces of limited edition prints there (available to purchase!). We are definitely going to go back there to get something Harry Potter related to frame for our new place (call me a nerd but it must be done!). 

It was a beautiful summers night and ice cream was a must so we popped into an ice cream shop after part two to grab some mango sorbet. 

If you haven’t booked your tickets to see this show yet, hurry up and do so! It was definitely worth the wait. And don’t forget to visit The House of MinaLima while you’re there! 

Kavi xxx

My husband and I πŸ™‚
My Superfood Salad – look at that halloumi 😍
What we’re planning on getting for our new place!

All photos used were taken by myself or my husband, Sanjay Ravi

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter And The Cursed Child!!!

  1. Well done bubz… your first blog looks amazing.. so proud of you! ❀ You know how much we both love plays and how badly i wanted to go for this one… now I can’t wait to go and you are coming with me again 😁 and also can’t wait for the second one 😘


  2. Hi,

    This is very good! I’ve always been a fan of Harry Potter. The books were amazing however, I didn’t enjoy the movie as much since I felt that they didn’t repsresnt the full aspects of the books. But, I am very much looking forward to seeing the play. Thank you for your recommendation and the blog.

    I’m looking forward to reading your future posts.


  3. Amazing review! Thank you sooo much kavi, this making watch all the Harry Potter movies again! You’ve also made me crave halloumi now! xx


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